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7 Habits That Are Damaging to Hearing Health

Ear health is vital for a healthy lifestyle. You risk becoming stressed by hearing loss, damaging the inner ear or getting tinnitus with poor ear care. Numerous things impact ear health, such as lifestyle and improper maintenance, but you can get help by the following: Regular checkups with an audiologist Treatments such as earwax removal […]

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These Everyday Medications Can Cause Ringing in The Ears

Ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus, is becoming more and more common in our noisy world. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly assume it is just part of the aging process or a symptom of a number of other ailments and diseases. In reality, it may well be a result of everyday medications and substances […]

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How to Find an Affordable Hearing Aid

Hearing loss is a progressive condition that affects more than 37 million people in the United States. Although you might not be able to reverse the process, treatment options and devices are available to help you regain your hearing and improve your quality of life. The first step in finding an affordable hearing aid is […]

Bet You Didn’t Know Your Hearing Affected This

Bet You Didn’t Know Your Hearing Affected This

Hearing loss can influence every aspect of your life. As a result, it is essential to know what you are up against. There are several ways hearing loss can affect you in personal life, work, social and education. Besides, it is also essential to understand how emotional changes happen for people with hearing loss. If […]

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What Are The Duties Of An Audiologist?

When somebody is experiencing the first signs of hearing loss, it is vital to remember there are professionals that can help determine the level of hearing loss and recommend the best course of treatment. A number of different factors can cause hearing loss, and for anybody experiencing any signs of the condition, consulting with an […]

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What Is The Best Way To Clean Hearing Aid Earpieces?

Hearing aids can help you hear better and restore a sense of joy and independence to your life. There are many benefits of hearing aids, but these devices also require lots of care and attention. To make yours last as long as possible, you have to maintain them. A key element of the maintenance schedule […]

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Which Are The Most Popular Types Of Hearing Aids?

If you are on the lookout for a hearing aid, it’s important to understand the various styles, manufacturers, and types of technology. These are all important when you are looking for a hearing aid that fits you and your lifestyle. For people who are on the lookout for popular types of hearing aids, here are […]

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Do You Need Hearing Protection at the Range?

The range is the perfect place to use firearms in a safe and secure environment. Yet there are risks associated with firearm use. Individuals that use firearms are more likely to experience hearing loss. That’s because most firearms operate at above 140 decibels. Wearing adequate ear protection can help reduce the damage caused by firearm […]

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How Can an Audiologist Assist You?

Audiologists are trained experts in their field. They can assist people of all ages. Audiologists help people with prevention, diagnosing and treating different disorders related to hearing and balance. They are professionals who help improve people’s quality of life and help improve their hearing which can negatively impact how people get involved in different activities […]

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Is Wearing A Hearing Aid Classified As A Disability?

Hearing loss can vary from a mild case to a more severe one that impacts your lifestyle. As such, it can often be difficult to determine if hearing loss is classed as a disability or not. Under most circumstances, using a hearing aid usually means that your hearing loss is severe enough that you need […]