Hearing Aid Fitting & Programming

Perhaps the most exciting and rewarding part of your hearing loss journey is the moment you put on your new hearing aids for the first time and discover the world of sounds you have been missing. During your hearing aid fitting appointment, the Texas Professional Hearing Center will provide you with compassionate, patient-centered care to ensure that, when you leave our doors and enter the world, you leave with the confidence knowing your new devices fit comfortably and are providing you with the maximum hearing benefits. The programming process is important to ensuring you get the best experience out of your new devices, which is why we use advanced technology to adjust your hearing aids. 

Hearing aid fitting 

The hearing aid fitting appointment and Texas Professional Hearing Centers is an appointment scheduled after you have ordered your new hearing aid devices, typically once a hearing aid evaluation has been completed. 

The hearing aid fitting appointment is exactly what it sounds like: during the appointment, the audiologist will take your new devices and set or tune them to help bring you better clarity in your hearing. 

How does tuning work? With live speech mapping. 

Today, our audiologists rely on live speech mapping, the new industry standard in hearing aid fitting. Live speech mapping is a new technology that has changed the way hearing healthcare professionals have been able to tune and set hearing aids.

By inserting a small microphone into the ear canal, next to the hearing aid, audiologists are able to pick up the sound that enters the hearing aid in real-time; that data is sent to a computer in real-time, enabling the hearing healthcare professional to fine-tune, based on a patient’s reactions (example: sound too quiet, sound too high-pitched). With live speech mapping, fitting hearing aids has never been more accurate, reducing the need for follow-up appointments after the hearing aid fitting appointment.

Follow up and care

While live speech mapping may reduce the rate of follow up appointments needed, at Texas Professional Hearing Center, we like to check in with our patients to ensure their new hearing aids are still comfortable and working well. We encourage all of our patients to call if anything doesn’t feel right or if you think you could benefit from an adjustment.